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Upholstery fabrics, handmade lamp shades and cushions, rustic table linen, woollen throws and cashmere scarves.


Fabric Fever

"Fabrics in a tempting array of textures and colours continue to provide endless inspiration for interiors projects, whether you're designing new drapes, selecting a sumptuous sofa or luxuriating in beautiful bedlinen.

East meets west with the new collection of luxurious fabrics, lovingly created by Hungarian and Polish creative textile designer Julia Brendel. Using traditional jacquard weaving techniques, predominantly created by master craftsmen in traditional mills in the UK, her designs are steeped heavily with inspiration from different cultures, heritage and Julia's own personal journey. The designs are woven on to looms in a choice of yarns such as luxurious silks, richly textured chenille, cotton, linen and silk blends to allow for use on a variety of applications from upholstery to soft furnishings or even clothing."

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