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Upholstery fabrics, handmade lamp shades and cushions, rustic table linen, woollen throws and cashmere scarves.


Sorbet Shades and Pretty Pastels

"Indulge in midcentury modern styles with the inspired and eclectic fabric collection by Julia Brendel, in this season’s must have soft pools of colours. Dress up and breathe a new lease of life into a room with a splash of candy coating in fresh lemon sherbets, delicate eggshell hues and vivacious bubblegum shades that will instantly sweeten a room. Playful artistic and cultural designs such as kissing birds in the detail, featured in palette cleansing colours that transpire as modern interpretations of traditional, European heritage.

Julia says: ‘It’s clear that hands were involved in the process. There is a degree of continuity and history in creating designs in the 21st Century on looms that were used for the same process over a hundred years ago for other designers."